Collaborative sculpture with Tricky Walsh. permanent public art commission for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

The Distiller hovers. It is part machine, part mythical reconstruction – a one-to-one scale model of an all-processing apparatus which hovers up in the eaves of the building like an observant and benign creature, gradually processing the contents of the museum, including, at times – the audience itself. 
Using the form of a scale model it allows the audience to complete the possibility of its form in their own imaginations. Inspired in part by the working armatures and dioramas in the Natural History Museum in New York, this work likewise is the structure of the imagined and asks the viewers, upon their entry into the Museum to start suspending their disbelief and embrace the wonder of possibility.

Using standard museum classifications such as Geological, Botanical, Biological and technological The Distiller mutates all of the incoming information and displays the abstracted outcomes of its processing in the glass vessels which sit partly between museum display, and laboratory experiment.