a collaborative work with Tricky Walsh
We are both interested in the importance of spatial placement and how an object can gain or lose significance by its relation to its space and other objects. 
We have been singularly and collectively inspired by the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages – arrangements of discrete measuring and documentation devices placed in particular arrangements in order to audit and transmit information as pertains to that particular place. (In the above instance; the moon)

goon buggy / piss wars is a nod to those obscure experiment arrays, and a continuation of our previous work The Subterranean Plant Society which consisted of a collection of hard sci-fi devices and mechanisms that relied on their relationship to each other to be ‘activated’ to their greater purpose.

There is also a cheeky nod to the perceived sanctity of the object once it has entered institutional space as opposed to its often abused/evolving state when still in the hands of the artist.